Kids Martial Arts Classes in Central Pennsylvania

Are you seeking the perfect after school activity for your child? One that will help them physically, socially, and mentally? Then consider enrolling your child into our kids martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts—Central Pennsylvania!

Our Amazing Programs for Kids

Owned and operated by retired U.S. Marine Brandon Keeton, this Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academy provides a wonderful environment for kids to learn martial arts, self-defense, and life skills. Our academy features three programs for kids based on age groups: Tiger-Cubs, Junior, and Youth!

Tiger-Cubs: The ultimate early child development program

The Tiger-Cubs Program is for 4- and 5-year-old students. This program features our early childhood development curriculum. We focus on teaching these youngsters symmetrical movements and simple patterns that will help improve balance and motor skills. In addition, we teach the value of following instructions, helping them develop focus and discipline.

Kids Martial Arts 1

Elementary kids are a great fit for the Juniors Program

The Juniors Program is designed for elementary school age students from 6 years to 11 years old. Students in this program learn important martial arts techniques and self-defense tactics. Moreover, we teach students stranger awareness and how to properly respond to bullying. Your child will develop self-confidence and a positive self-concept. They will also see tremendous growth in physical and mental strength.

Kids Martial Arts 2

Help your child face the formidable years by enrolling them in our Youth Program

The Youth Program is for junior high and high school students ages 12 to 15 years old. We recognize that these are formidable years for a student’s life as they will face external and internal changes. That’s why our program is designed to build confidence, reinforce focus, and instill values of leadership and good citizenship. Youth Program students learn self-defense tactics and life skills that will form the foundation for the rest of their life.

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Three Key Benefits to Tiger-Rock’s kids martial arts classes in Central Pennsylvania

If you’re a parent in the Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Shiresmantown, and New Cumberland areas, you will not find a better place for an after school activity for your child than Tiger-Rock Martial Arts! Here are three BIG reasons why you need to enroll your child into one of Tiger-Rock’s kids martial arts classes.

Your child will learn a lot. Martial arts is more than just kicking and striking (even though there’s a lot of that!). It is also teaching kids how to defend themselves and how to take care of themselves. They will pick up an immense amount of life skills that will help them not only today, but tomorrow as well.

Your child will grow a lot. Martial arts training has been proven to help kids develop physically, mentally, and socially. The Tiger-Rock academy is an environment that is safe and positive; where kids will get stronger and healthier; and where kids will learn positive things about themselves.

Your child will have a lot of fun. One thing that we can always guarantee that your child will have FUN in their kids martial arts class. They will learn cool martial arts techniques such as kicks and strikes. They will get to compete in regional, statewide, and national tournaments!

Find out how you can enroll your child today!

What are you waiting for!? Fill out the form and get access to pricing information, our class schedule, and our AMAZING web special! Join Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania—your neighborhood martial arts academy!

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