Adult Martial Arts Classes in Central Pennsylvania

Are you ready to change your life? To add another dimension that will help you become fitter, stronger, and faster? Then you need to enroll into an amazing adult martial arts class at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts—Central Pennsylvania.

Our adult martial arts class

Head Instructor Brandon Keeton is a former U.S. Marine with other 20 years of experience in the martial arts. Mr. Keeton’s adult martial arts program features a curriculum that combines Korean martial arts traditions such as taekwondo with the latest developments in physical fitness.

Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts class is typically held on evenings Monday through Thursday and Saturday mornings. Classes last 50 minutes.

Adult Martial Arts 1

In our adult martial arts class, you will participate in kicking drills, striking drills, and strength and conditioning drills. These drills help build your martial arts motor skills as well as strengthen your core muscles. Plus, these drills will form the basis of your self-defense and counter aggression training.

As you advance in our training, you will acquire sparring skills, learn amazing weapons, participate in tournaments, and so much more.

Adult Martial Arts 2

Why sign up for our adult martial arts class?

Still not convinced? Here are five big reasons why you need to sign up to participate in Tiger-Rock’s incredible adult martial arts program!

  • Get stronger! Martial arts training, especially taekwondo, is an incredible workout that will help you build core muscle strength and enhance your physical fitness!
  • Get healthier! Through martial arts training, you will improve your cardiovascular health as our strength and conditioning combined with martial arts drills makes for great exercise!
  • Get slimmer! You’ll experience significant lifestyle changes with martial arts training. Not only will you be getting the physical activity you need, but you’ll also make important changes in things such as your diet—all of which can help you lose weight!
  • Get sharper! Training at Tiger-Rock will help you sharpen your focus and concentration. You will be tackling tasks and achieving goals with clarity. You’ll also notice an improvement in your mental keenness.
  • Get confident! A boost in confidence can go a long way for you, especially in your personal and professional life. Our adult martial arts training program at Tiger-Rock provides you with continuous encouragement and will equip you with various methods of facing your fears, conquering self-doubt, and building self-esteem and self-assurance.

Grab our adult martial arts class schedule and pricing!

The time has come for you to change your life in ways you could have never imagined with martial arts. New classes are forming daily. Just use the form to get information about our class schedule and our awesome WEB SPECIAL!

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