Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania is owned and operated by Mr. Brandon Keeton. Mr. Keeton was an active duty, prior enlisted Captain in the Marine Corps, who served for over 20 years and officially retired in June of 2013. Mr. Keeton has a Master’s Degree in Business and is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree in the same field. An active boxer for 18 years and a hand-to-hand close combat instructor in the Marine Corps for 15 years, the transition to the traditional martial arts has been smooth. Already, his small school has produced multiple National and World Champions with certainly more to come!


Annually qualified Instructors are the pride of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts franchised member academies. These individuals have dedicated their lives to the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts method and helping others learn their art. Becoming an Instructor in Tiger Rock takes tremendous commitment and many hours of training. Maintaining a teaching certificate is a continuing process involving further education and annual renewal.

CPR and First Aid Certified

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts recommends as a highly important best practice that all Instructors in the academy maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification.

Background Checks

As a best practice, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts recommends that member academy directors conduct background checks on all annually-qualified Instructors and academy workers who are 18 years old or older in their academies. Academies place a high priority on protecting the safety of members.

Annual Qualification and Continuing Education

All member Instructors consider themselves lifelong learners. Instructors are required to re-certify every year to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning.

Brandon Keeton

Head Instructor
Academy Owner

Tanya Keeton

Certified Instructor
Academy Manager

Kimberly Seitz

Certified Instructor

Train with the best in Central Pennsylvania

Visit us today and find the program that is right for you and your family. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is conveniently located in Central Pennsylvania and servicing the surrounding areas including Harrisburg, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg!

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