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Martial arts, self-defense, and life-skills classes for kids and adults in Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and surrounding areas!

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Martial arts training academy serving Harrisburg-Carlisle PA area

About Our Academy

An active boxer for 18 years and a hand-to-hand close combat instructor in the Marine Corps for 15 years, the transition to the traditional martial arts has been smooth. Already, his small school has produced multiple National and World Champions with certainly more to come!

Academy Camps

We hold incredible camps at our martial arts academy throughout the year. Camps allow for great daily activities, fun and excitement, and amazing memories. Check out information on our 2018 Summer Camp at Tiger-Rock!

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania. We offer four great birthday packages starting at as low as $150 for current students and $180 for non-students (10 guests only). Learn more about all of our packages and book your child’s party with us!

Five big reasons why you need to enroll at our martial arts academy!

Boost your confidence. Training at a martial arts academy will present you with new challenges physically and mentally. And with the encouragement of our instructors and your peers, you’ll meet each and every one of them. As you meet each challenge, achieve your goals, and exceed your expectations, you will become more confident.

Improve your physical fitness. Kicking and striking drills are just some of the exercises we do at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts that are fun, exciting, and will help you improve your physical keenness. Learn amazing self-defense tactics while at the same time, improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening core muscles, and toning your arms and legs!

Learn life skills. Kids and teens that participate in our martial arts training will learn important life skills. And adults will also pick up on a few new things along the way. Our lessons teach conflict resolution, self-assurance, concentration skills, and listening skills—all in a safe, fun, and structured environment.

A new dimension to your life. Martial arts training is life-changing. You’re going to be getting in great shape, feeling great about yourself, and be prepared to take on the world! You will attain a laser-like focus that will help you perform the things that you thought were impossible for you to do.

Lots and lots of fun. We offer fun and exciting martial arts classes for students ages 4 and up. You will learn new ways to move your body, and experience tremendous improvement your physical fitness and mental acuity. We offer a positive, energetic environment full of smiles, high-fives, and encouragement throughout.

Find out how you can start at our martial arts academy!

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